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Many politicians, journalist, academics, and many in the mental health community are increasingly questioning the state of Trump’s mind and whether he is capable of continuing to be our President.

Source: Perspectives: STAT — Democrats in Congress Explore Creating an Expert Panel on Trump’s Mental Health


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As outcry continues to mount over President Donald Trump’s latest round of comments about the domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, an outstanding question for many Americans is one about policy: What, if anything, will the federal government do to help combat far-right white extremism? The answer is long as Trump is in the White House, they will do nothing.

Source: Perspectives: Mic — The federal government had a plan to combat right-wing violence. Trump axed it in June.


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“Steve Bannon couldn’t be happier with Trump’s equating white supremacists with those who demonstrated against them in Charlottesville, praising Trump’s shameful press conference yesterday as a ‘defining moment.’

Source: Perspectives: Business Insider — Steve Bannon was reportedly thrilled by Trump’s wild press conference


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Robert Mueller has assembled a team of sixteen lawyers. One of them is fluent in Russian, and five have extensive experience investigating and prosecuting cases of money laundering, foreign corruption, and complex financial conspiracies. The path from Trump to Putin, if one exists, might be found in one of his foreign real-estate deals.

Source: Perspectives: New Yorker — Trump’s Business of Corruption


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Throughout history tyrants have sought to undermine democracy using similar methods. Their tactics include attacking the press, treating all opposition as enemies, and scapegoating minorities. Robert Reich’s video gives us 7 signs.

Source: Perspectives: Washington Post — These are the three reasons fascism spread in 1930s America — and might spread again today


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A new survey highlights a threat to American democracy: “If a presidential election were held today, President Trump’s approval ratings suggest he would be in deep trouble. The good news for Trump is he doesn’t have to face voters again until 2020 (though the fate of his Republican allies in 2018 is a different question). But what if he didn’t have to face the voters then, either?”

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich — Ready to be horrified? Republicans Actually Want to Postpone the 2020 Election


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Trump is a test of our democratic institutions. So far, they’ve held. Robert Mueller’s grand jury, the courts, the press, even the Republican Congress, have so far contained the unhinged man. But mostly it’s been a groundswell of grass-roots activism. The damage Trump has wrought so far is real, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. Unless he starts a nuclear war, we will survive.

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich: American Democracy Is Proving Surprisingly Resilient Under Trump


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