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A new survey highlights a threat to American democracy: “If a presidential election were held today, President Trump’s approval ratings suggest he would be in deep trouble. The good news for Trump is he doesn’t have to face voters again until 2020 (though the fate of his Republican allies in 2018 is a different question). But what if he didn’t have to face the voters then, either?”

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich — Ready to be horrified? Republicans Actually Want to Postpone the 2020 Election


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A Washington Post investigation showed the DC hotel has become a hangout for Republicans and those who hope to influence the president.

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich — Trump’s Washington Hotel is a Blatant Example of a President Profiting from His Office.


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The president’s major achievements all dovetail with longstanding GOP priorities, while nearly all of his distinctive policy proposals have stalled or failed.

Source: Perspectives: Atlantic — Trump Is Losing His Battle With the Republican Party


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For those inclined to give Republicans who worship Ronald Reagan their vote in the 2018 midterm elections, you should really think twice about that decision

Source: Perspectives: The Reagan Myth


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What are the 7 reasons why Trump’s and the Republican’s plan to cut corporate taxes is completely nuts?

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich — Trump’s Corporate Tax Cuts (Video)


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Donald Trump promised a revolutionary change from politics as usual. As many predicted, his administration has been a disaster.But it appears that a once obliging Republican Congress is now ignoring Trump and willing to take its membership in a different direction.

Source: Perspectives: Political winds are shifting, a refreshing new breeze is starting to blow


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Trump’s transgender ban is unenforceable as presented in his tweet. As a result, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said there will be no changes to the military’s transgender policy. But what are the reasons for Trump’s snap decision to ban transgender troops?

Source: Perspectives: Politico — Pentagon takes no steps to enforce Trump’s transgender ban


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