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The “inconvenient truth” of Trump’s White House, a Republican-led Congress, and their supporters is that “support of Donald Trump is clearly less about Trump and more about former President Obama. It’s a guttural reaction. As hard as Republicans may have tried, they have been completely unable to erase our first black president from the history books.”

Source: Perspectives: Huffington Post — He Had No Business Becoming President


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Millions of people feel powerless. But taking action — demonstrating, resisting, objecting, demanding, speaking truth, joining with others, making a ruckus and never ceasing to fight Trump’s pending tyranny — will empower you. And with that power you will not only to minimize the damage that is about to occur, but also get this nation and the world back on the course it must be on. – Robert Reich

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich: 4 syndromes of passivity in the face of pending Trump tyranny


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