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“A new report shows that the Russian government renewed 6 Trump trademarks last year, on the basis of applications made by Trump’s business. 4 of the trademark renewals were approved on Election Day — a move that would have needed the Kremlin’s blessing.”

Source: Perspectives: NY Times — Russia Renewed Unused Trump Trademarks in 2016


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Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s outlook shows renewables will be cheaper almost everywhere in just a few years.

Source: Perspectives: Bloomberg — Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think


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Broadcasting from the Virginia baseball field where a U.S. congressman was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter, Fox News host Sean Hannity blamed ‘left-wing hate’ for the harrowing scene that unfolded Wednesday morning.

Source: Perspectives: Salon — Sean Hannity accuses Democrats of “dehumanizing” GOP after Alexandria shooting


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Attorneys general for the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland say they will file a lawsuit on June 12 against President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath . The suit centers on the fact that Trump chose to retain ownership of his company when he became president.

Source: Perspectives: Washington Post — D.C. and Maryland to sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath


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“President Trump on Friday accused James B. Comey, the fired F.B.I. director, of lying under oath to Congress, saying he would gladly provide sworn testimony disputing Mr. Comey’s charge that the president forced him out because of his handling of the investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia,” comments by Robert Reich

Source: Perspectives: NY Times — Calling Comey a Liar, Trump Says He Will Testify Under Oath


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“Underlying everything about the Trump-Russian connection is the inviolable fact – which all our intelligence agencies agree on – that Putin attacked our democracy at its core, and he could do so again.”

Source: Perspectives: The Guardian — James Comey details Trump’s ‘lies’ and reaffirms belief of Russian meddling in election


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“President Trump appears to be guilty of obstruction of justice. That’s the only rational conclusion to be reached if James Comey’s opening statement for his planned testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Thursday, is to be believed.”

Source: Perspectives: New Yorker — James Comey’s Remarkable Story About Donald Trump


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