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As outcry continues to mount over President Donald Trump’s latest round of comments about the domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, an outstanding question for many Americans is one about policy: What, if anything, will the federal government do to help combat far-right white extremism? The answer is long as Trump is in the White House, they will do nothing.

Source: Perspectives: Mic — The federal government had a plan to combat right-wing violence. Trump axed it in June.


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“Steve Bannon couldn’t be happier with Trump’s equating white supremacists with those who demonstrated against them in Charlottesville, praising Trump’s shameful press conference yesterday as a ‘defining moment.’

Source: Perspectives: Business Insider — Steve Bannon was reportedly thrilled by Trump’s wild press conference


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VICE News and correspondent Elle Reeve have produced 20 minutes that every American should see, especially you. It’s a look inside Saturday’s march in Charlottesville. It’s difficult to watch. But it should be seen.

Source: Perspectives: Race and Terror in Charlottesville (VIDEO)


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Trump’s reluctance to denounce hate groups and individuals during his presidential campaign, as now, is simply because the President is a white nationalist and racist, and he believes that he is superior to others. Hate groups are Trump’s people.

Source: Perspectives: Vox — Donald Trump is offering comfort to racists and extremists


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If you ever wondered what it would be like to live in 1937 or 1957, or during the time of events like the Selma to Montgomery marches, you don’t have to look far. We are living in it.

Source: Perspectives: Charlottesville Is the America That Donald Trump Promised


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Democrats, and some Republican critics of Trump, are demanding he cut ties with Bannon, the former Breitbart News chairman who once described his site as the ‘platform for the alt-right.’

Source: Perspectives: The Hill — Trump pressured to dump nationalist wing


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