Press Secretary Sean Spicer has taken the brunt of Trump’s frustrations. Supposedly, the President “watches his daily briefings like SportsCenter, barking critiques of Spicer’s performances at his television.”

Monday’s Press briefing was held off-camera, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s insulting reason:“Sean got fatter.”

Source: Perspectives: Vanity Fair — Sean Spicer’S Tortured Relationship With Trump Hits A New Low


Does everyone realize what’s happening here? Please understand that healthcare, the ability to afford medicines that will keep many alive, or not, is being decided in secret. No hearings, no press conferences, no debate.

Source: Perspectives: Vox — The real reason Republicans can’t answer simple questions about their health care bill


“Google is a digital truth serum,” Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, author of Everybody Lies, told me in a recent interview. ‘People tell Google things that they don’t tell to possibly anybody else, things they might not tell to family members, friends, anonymous surveys, or doctors.’ “

Source: Perspectives: Vox — Persuasive proof that America is full of racist and selfish people


Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. It was at the heart of Richard Nixon’s impeachment. The parallel between Nixon and Trump is almost exact. There’s already more than enough evidence of probable cause to begin an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. (VIDEO)

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich – The Case for Obstruction of Justice (VIDEO)


With President Donald Trump in the White House and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the helm of the Justice Department, the exploitative bail industry is in a good position to profit even more off of Americans who can’t afford adequate legal representation. So the stories of the Justice Department and the bail industry’s exploitation are important and timely.

Source: Perspectives: Truthout — I Spent 14 Months in Jail Because I Couldn’t Pay My Way Out


Senate Republicans are hurling themselves toward passing an incredibly unpopular set of health care reforms that even they don’t understand, haven’t seen and likely won’t see until just before it hits the floor.

Source: Perspectives: Huffington Post — The Not-So-Secret Truth About the Senate GOP’s Secret Health Care Bill


When asked whether he believed CO2 was the primary cause of climate change, Energy Secretary Rick Perry responded with a resounding NO. We’ve broken down his statement with a few corrections.

Source: Perspectives: CNBC — Energy Secretary Rick Perry says CO2 is not the main driver of climate change


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