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A grown man who is so insecure as to seek affirmation in a group of teenagers is not a man with the maturity to lead a nation. A man who is so self-absorbed as to make every utterance about himself and his needs is not a man with the vision to elevate a nation.

Source: Perspectives: Dan Rather on Donald Trump and the Boy Scouts of America


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John McCain, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, has stressed the importance of fighting for a cause larger than yourself. Can anyone imagine Donald Trump doing anything of the sort?

Source: Perspectives: New Yorker — Donald Trump, John McCain, and the Politics of Decency


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Under this new regime of massive cruelty and disappearance, the social state is hollowed out and the punishing state becomes the primary template or model for addressing social problems. Appeals to character as a way to explain the suffering and misery many people experience are now supplemented by the protocols of the security state and a culture of fear.

Source: Perspectives: Salon — A New American Revolution: Can We Break Out of Our Nation’s Culture of Cruelty?


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Source: Perspectives: Washington Post — The GOP’s moral rot is the problem, not Donald Trump Jr.


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Robert Reich reacts to a Cape Cod Times editorial expressing shock that four teenagers had sex in the waters off Mayflower Beach, and that a crowd gathered around to cheer them on, chanting “USA, USA,” by relating it to how we normalize behavior through examples not only set via social media but by Donald Trump, the President of the United States.

Source: Perspectives: Cape Cod Times — Crowd mentality


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The Associated Press’ Sandy Cohen writes of Donald Trump, the social media, and the consequences of bad behavior.

Source: Perspectives: AP — Bad behavior is trending online, inspiring it in real life


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An all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan’s plans to compete in the U.S. were upended after their visas were quickly denied by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

Source: Perspectives: CBS — Visas denied for all-girl Afghanistan robotics team competing in U.S.


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