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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s effort to pass the GOP health care plan got a little harder Friday when Nevada’s Dean Heller became the fifth Republican senator to say he can’t support the bill in its current form.

Source: Perspectives: Dean Heller Becomes the Fifth GOP Senator to Oppose Health Care Bill


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Speaking at the South Carolina plant in February, Trump promised a crowd of assembly workers, managers and executives that “jobs is one of the primary reasons I’m standing here today as your President, and I will never, ever disappoint you.” Nevertheless, Boeing are laying off workers at the plant are part of a company-wide plan to cut jobs that was announced in December. Robert Reich’s Inequality Media video explains why Trumponomics is pure fantasy.

Source: Perspectives: CNN Money — Boeing factory where Trump delivered jobs speech to lay off 200 workers (VIDEO)


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President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of not taking action against Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 election, suggesting that they were trying to help Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, Trump can’t hide the fact he got elected with the direct help of Vladimir Putin.

Source: Perspectives: CNN — Trump: Obama ‘did nothing’ about Russia election meddling


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Make no mistake: The Senate’s bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act is not a healthcare bill. It’s a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, paid for by a dramatic reduction in healthcare funding for approximately 23 million poor, disabled, and working middle-class Americans. America’s wealthiest taxpayers (earning more than $200,000 a year, $250,000 for couples) would get a tax cut totaling $346 billion over 10 years.

Source: Perspectives: Washington Post — Which Republican senators will walk the plank for this terrible health-care bill? (more…)

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“The weather forecast for the Phoenix, Arizona suggests temperatures could reach 120F (49C) on Tuesday. That is higher than the operating temperature of some planes.
American Airlines announced it was cancelling dozens of flights scheduled to take off from Sky Harbor airport during the hottest part of the day.”

Source: Perspectives: BBC — Phoenix flights cancelled because it’s too hot for planes


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“A draft copy of the secret Republican Senate bill that would overhaul Obamacare is expected to be released online at 11 a.m. ET Thursday, less than two hours after many GOP senators get to see if for the first time.

“Even some of the senators who were reportedly part of a group tasked with writing it, including Mike Lee of Utah, had not seen its details.”

Source: Perspectives: Robert Reich: The Real Reason Republicans want to Pull the Plug on Obamacare (VIDEO)


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“If two nearly simultaneous hearings Wednesday by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees into Russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential election revealed anything, it’s that U.S. officials saw what was going on but were all but powerless to stop it.”

Source: Perspectives: NPR — U.S. Elections Systems Vulnerable, Lawmakers Told In Dueling Hearings


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