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On Friday “in Minneapolis, another police officer was found not guilty in the killing of another black man. Philando Castile’s girlfriend, with him at the time, said he had been shot as he reached for his identification. Defense lawyers said the police officer believed Castile was reaching for his gun.”

Source: Perspectives: NY Times — Grim Echoes for Families: An Officer Shoots and a Jury Acquits


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After Wednesday’s shooting, some Republicans are saying more people should be armed. That’s not going to help.

Source: Perspectives: Huffington Post — The Solution To America’s Gun Violence Isn’t More Guns


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Alex Jones knows exactly whom he wants to blame for the Wednesday shooting on a Virginia baseball field: “the left” and its calls to violence. In a five-minute video produced by his conspiracy-laden website, InfoWars, Mr. Jones runs through a list of offenders on “terroristic social media,” distorting and cherry-picking comments, to make a wildly misleading case.

Source: Perspectives: N.Y. Times — Fact Check: Distortions and Fake News after Virginia Shooting


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Broadcasting from the Virginia baseball field where a U.S. congressman was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter, Fox News host Sean Hannity blamed ‘left-wing hate’ for the harrowing scene that unfolded Wednesday morning.

Source: Perspectives: Salon — Sean Hannity accuses Democrats of “dehumanizing” GOP after Alexandria shooting


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‘Despite Missouri mother’s plea, mentally ill daughter was sold a gun. She shot her father an hour later’


Source: President Trump And Congressional Republicans Have No Sense Of What’s Right And What’s Wrong


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Despite Obama’s fo12524190_1302761273082714_508502343137543679_nrceful, logical, and compelling summary of what gun violence has done to our country, his executive order on tightening gun regulations has been met with lies of violating the Second Amendment, confiscation of guns, and even his passion on the issue has been attacked.

Read article here: President Obama’s Passionate Plea for Tightened Gun Regulations

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1257Gun worshiper assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s Christmas card promotes guns when Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. It’s a good indication that we need to get a handle on America’s gun problem because if the Michele Fiores of this world get their way a very dangerous world, not one that is safe, will be the result.



Read article here: There is Nothing That Puts Christ Back in Christmas like a Gun


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