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Senator Richard Blumenthal has “joined forces with the Constitutional Accountability Center and became the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against the President, last week, for violating the emoluments clause. Thirty other Senators and more than a hundred members of the House of Representatives, all Democrats, have joined as co-plaintiffs.”

Source: Perspectives: New Yorker — Behind the Democrats’ Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump


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“A new report shows that the Russian government renewed 6 Trump trademarks last year, on the basis of applications made by Trump’s business. 4 of the trademark renewals were approved on Election Day — a move that would have needed the Kremlin’s blessing.”

Source: Perspectives: NY Times — Russia Renewed Unused Trump Trademarks in 2016


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Robert Reich answers some of the questions regarding Trump’s Business Ties in the Persian Gulf and his allegiances:

Source: Perspectives: PBS — Trump eases Qatar critique, offers to mediate Persian Gulf tension


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“A news report today sent Washington into another spasm when it appeared that ABC and other news outlets reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein confirmed that he might have to recuse himself from any further involvement in the Russian investigation.”

Source: Perspectives: The Hill — If Rod Rosenstein recuses himself, Robert Mueller may be next


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From The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report, Andy Borowitz writes his satirical version of yesterday’s Sessions testimony.

Source: Perspectives: New Yorker — Man Ravaged By Amnesia Somehow Able To Hold Down Demanding Legal Job


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The one big thing we learned today from Jeff Sessions stonewalling testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee is Trump and his administration still don’t care about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election – and the likelihood Russia will interfere to an even greater extent in 2018 and beyond. — Robert Reich

Source: Perspectives: Washington Post — Sessions’ testimony highlights Trump’s deep lack of interest in what Russia did in 2016


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Senator Joe Donnelly alleges that President Trump asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to back off of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn-Russia investigation.

Source: Perspectives: Independent — Donald Trump asked US Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats to intervene in Russia probe, say officials


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