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President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of not taking action against Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 election, suggesting that they were trying to help Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, Trump can’t hide the fact he got elected with the direct help of Vladimir Putin.

Source: Perspectives: CNN — Trump: Obama ‘did nothing’ about Russia election meddling


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“If two nearly simultaneous hearings Wednesday by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees into Russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential election revealed anything, it’s that U.S. officials saw what was going on but were all but powerless to stop it.”

Source: Perspectives: NPR — U.S. Elections Systems Vulnerable, Lawmakers Told In Dueling Hearings


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“Google is a digital truth serum,” Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, author of Everybody Lies, told me in a recent interview. ‘People tell Google things that they don’t tell to possibly anybody else, things they might not tell to family members, friends, anonymous surveys, or doctors.’ “

Source: Perspectives: Vox — Persuasive proof that America is full of racist and selfish people


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“A news report today sent Washington into another spasm when it appeared that ABC and other news outlets reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein confirmed that he might have to recuse himself from any further involvement in the Russian investigation.”

Source: Perspectives: The Hill — If Rod Rosenstein recuses himself, Robert Mueller may be next


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The “inconvenient truth” of Trump’s White House, a Republican-led Congress, and their supporters is that “support of Donald Trump is clearly less about Trump and more about former President Obama. It’s a guttural reaction. As hard as Republicans may have tried, they have been completely unable to erase our first black president from the history books.”

Source: Perspectives: Huffington Post — He Had No Business Becoming President


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President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning to respond to a Washington Post report that the special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 election is examining whether Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

Source: Perspectives: Examiner — Trump: Obstruction of Justice probe based on ‘phony’ collusion story


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To most observers, it should be obvious that Trump does not respect our democracy. And, our country is deeply divided because of it.

Source: Perspectives: AP — Views on President Trump’s Job Performance


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