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“Firearm viogunslence has become a leading cause of death and injury for children and teens. Guns in the home raise special concerns because they significantly raise the risk of homicide, suicide, and unintentional shootings.”

Read article here: How Can Doctors Not Talk About A Major Threat To The Life And Well-Being Of A Child?


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Вооружённый_мужчинаWhen you consider the money made from promoting and increasing gun ownership, whether legal or not, and the windfall profits made from exploiting crimes committed at the hands of someone with a gun, it’s clear why we can’t solve the gun problem.

Read more:  Guns, Guns, Guns, and More Guns as the Result of More Homicide and Crime.

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3392940179_1b93ddcc9c_oUntil we develop new ways of thinking about God and money, eliminating our religious and profit problem, poverty, suffering, and inequality will only continue for many people.

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