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Diagnosed at 72 years old, I inherited hypothyroidism from my mother. Diagnosed late in life, like me, she experienced the same symptoms. Since my diagnosis, I have learned much about the disease and in the process learned much more about me.

Read article here: Hypothyroidism and Me

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A Beloved Teenager Whose Very Rare Disease Known as Progeria Finally Caught Up To Him

Sam Berns, diagnosed with progeria in 1998, became well known for his fight against the disease. The disease is a rare genetic mutation that causes the body to produce the protein progerin, which causes accelerated aging. But the disease caught up to him

Read article here: We Are All Richer For Having Known Sam Berns

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Denying People Work Based On Loss of Credit Is a Mode of Inequality

For years now, credit-reporting agencies have been selling credit histories to employers. Because of a poor credit history, many seeking work have been denied employment, and inequality has taken a giant leap forward.

Read article here: Inequality Is ‘The Defining Challenge of Our Time’

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Pope Francis impresses me as a man who will walk the talk. Perhaps — just perhaps — his leadership will have sufficient impact to spur others to following him in his commitment to building a better world.

Read article here: James Carroll on Pope Francis: ‘WHO AM I TO JUDGE?’

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Corporations have a responsibility not only to respect its stockholders and customers but its employees as well. Stockholders and consumers should understand that their experience with businesses who respect these rights would be greatly enhanced.

Read article here: America’s Corporations and Consumers Need to Defend Workers’ Rights as Human Rights


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'Today_capitalism_has_outlived_its_usefulness'_MLKTo subjugate America: promote small government; maintain oligarchy; create greater inequality; keep wages low; eliminate safety nets, force people to work even if they cannot. This is the way of America’s capitalism and the new tyranny.

Read article here: Poverty Challenges America’s Way of Capitalism, Capitalisms Success becomes the ‘New Tyranny’

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