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That’s the sentiment recently expressed by my son. Many, however, have expressed that same sentiment. I have had no success getting across to them that in and of itself what they believe is simply not true.

Read article here: If It Were Not For Rich People, I Would Not Have A Job!

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The “cookie cutter” writers who employ common formats need to be very concerned. But for a long time to come, maybe never, the Tolstoy’s, Hemingway’s, Shakespeare’s, Frost’s, and Poe’s of this world need not be concerned. Time will tell.

Read article here: Automated Software Will Soon Replace Journalist and Professional writers

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We have known since 1943 that bacteria can mutate and become antibiotic-resistant. In 1945, biologist Alexander Fleming warned that the misuse of antibiotics could make bacteria resistant to it. We have had decades of warnings, yet we failed to act.

Read article here: FDA Announces Policy to Phase-Out Antibiotics in the Feed of Food Animals

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All eyes should be on Vermont because the only long-term solution to America’s healthcare crisis is a single-payer national healthcare program.

Read article here: Vermont’s Single-Payer Healthcare System Is the Cure for America’s Ailing Healthcare

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According to a recent study, 90 corporations cause two-thirds of global warming emissions. This however attempts to blame a few for the failures of so many. But why look at someone else to pin the blame on when all we need to do is look at ourselves.

Read article here: An Impending Climate Crisis or Not Really Doesn’t Matter

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In today’s world, managers who employ a participatory style but can readily employ other styles of management as needed, generally have successful operations. Unlike the days of the autocrat, it’s what now defines managers as effective and strong leaders.

Read article here: Participatory Management Skills That Define Today’s Strong Leaders


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