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Dog owners should be aware that there is a virus making dogs sick in California, Michigan, and Ohio. Some veterinarians fear it may make its way across country. If not treated, it has the potential to kill an infected dog.

Read article here: What You Should Know About Circovirus in Dogs

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Why Understanding Glitches Are Important; Why Anticipations of ‘If You Like It You Can Keep It’ are Wrong; Why There Should Not Be Exceptions and Fixes

In view of Medicare’s Part D rollout, Obamacare’s glitches are not new. Anticipations were wrong, since no matter how much you like something, if it’s illegal one should not expect to be able to keep it, therefore there should not be exceptions and fixes

Read article here: Obamacare Website Glitches, Healthcare Policy Cancellations, Grandfathering, Exceptions, and Fixes

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JFK’s election ushered in an era filled with promise and hope. It became, however, an era of assassination, unrest,  and a nasty war. As it turned out, the 60’s became a life-changing event, changing my judgements of nationalism, patriotism, my government and its decisions.

Read article here: JFK’s Assassination, 1963: My Life Then, Influences Its Had Since

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Infections That Previously Have Taken Lives Now Could Kill Again

Antibiotic overuse and misuse are making these medicines resistant and thereby ineffective. Not long ago, infections that were curable and heretofore took lives now could kill again.

Read article here: An End to Modern Medicine As We Know It

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