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At a recent press conference, Barack Obama made a comment in response to a reporter’s question regarding sexual assault in the military. The President’s comment has caused a military judge to find it may unduly influence any potential sentencing.


Read article here: Judge’s Finding of Obama’s Comment as Unlawful Command Influence Is Wrong



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Leaks revealing the extent of NSA’s domestic surveillance have surprised Americans and many in Congress, but nothing is there that we should not have already known. My greatest hope is that it will bring reform and spark America’s consciousness.

Read article here: Hopefully Snowden’s Revelations Will Lead to Improved Accountability, Transparency, and Wake up an Apathetic America

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If Congress does not take action, federally subsidized Stafford and PLUS student loan interest rates will double next month for about 7 million students. 
In 2007, Congress passed legislation that lowered interest rates from 6.8 percent to the current 3.4 percent but would revert to 6.8 in five years. Last year, Congress attempted to avoid the rate from reverting, but as usual, waiting to the last minute, they could not agree on just how to do it, so they extended the 3.4 rate for another year. That extension expires this month and interest rates on need-based student loans issued after July 1 will return to 6.8 percent.

There are some important facts to keep in mind: …

Read article here: Again, It’s Crunch Time for Congress on Student Loan Interest Rates


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After searching for a job with Wall Street’s venture capital and private equity firms, General David Petraeus is about to launch a new career. The former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and retired commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan landed a job as Chairman of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts’ (KKR) Global Institute. 

Aside from his ignominious departure from the CIA, his arguable lack of “surge” strategy success in Iraq and failed counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, Patraeus’ resume nevertheless is quite impressive. He has a doctorate from Princeton University, has written on international relations, and he has taught economics and international relations at West Point. Along with his military credentials, I would think Petraeus is certainly qualified for the position.

But Petraeus did not land the job with KKR because …

Read article here: The Real Reasons Why KKR Hird Retired General David Petraeus

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My wife brought into the world five magnificent children. As a result, today, we enjoy eight grandchildren (we lost one grandson) and a great granddaughter. My days then were busy maintaining a career, trying to keep bread on the table and a roof over our heads, so I could not always help with all the daily challenges of raising our children. Some weeks I worked 24/7, and at times needed to spend time away from home for extended periods. When I had the opportunity to spend quality time with our children, it was practically impossible for it to be one-on-one.
Now, time is not an issue. Now, we are two gray-haired folks who have achieved the exalted status of nana and papa. Now, as when we were a mother and father, life continues to be all about the future. You see, this nana and papa take care of two little boys, ages two and four, our grandchildren, while their mother is working. It makes for challenging days, yet joyful, fulfilled, and exciting. Our lives now are all about helping their mom and dad to shape two little boys to become responsible adults, who we will guide to attain wisdom and good hearts.

Read article here: Peaceful Parenting, I’m Ok – You’re Ok Are Key to Shaping Our Future


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