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Memorial Day serves as a reminder that “beneath the beauty of the lilies lies the ugliness of war.” This James Carroll metaphor perfectly captures the most profound meaning of war, and of all the things that we have lost because of it.

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The state of violence in the United States is palpable. The spectacle of violence is what entertains us, and shapes our culture. The culture of violence is evident in those things that Americans embrace: violence in sports, violent video games, movies, television, books, articles, news stories and television news programming that present vivid pictures and descriptions of violence; it’s what sells. It’s evident in America’s infatuation with guns and war, in the current military sexual assault “crisis,” and it’s evident in our penal system, on death row and in the death penalty laws that put people there. 

The death penalty is legal under federal law and under military law and legal in 32 states. One of these states is Florida. In Florida, new legislation, the Timely Justice Act, is waiting for Governor Rick Scott’s signature before it becomes law. The legislation calls for the accelerated execution of death row inmates because under current Florida law it just takes too darn long to kill them.

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Can you imagine the uproar if any country, other than U.S.-backed Israel, attacked another country that is in so much turmoil as Syria, a country where civilian bloodshed has considerable international concern. If this did happen, I guarantee the U.S. government would be the first to deplore the attacks. But the United States, instead, has given its unconditional approval of Israel’s aggression.

President Obama’s response, “I am not going to comment on what happened in Syria … I will let the Israeli government confirm or deny whatever strikes they have taken.” He said that the U.S. coordinates closely with Israel.

This leads to some intriguing questions: Did the U.S. know of Israel’s plan beforehand? If the U.S. coordinates closely with Israel, the U.S. should have known of Israel’s intentions. Do Israel’s actions have the tacit approval of the U.S.? Is Israel’s airstrike a test run to determine the strength of Syria’s air defense system? Is Israel’s real purpose to show the U.S. the way?

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The financial crisis of 2007-2008 brought financial devastation to millions of Americans. Experts describe it as the most devastating financial event since the Great Depression. But was this event so frightening and devastating that it led to changes in the world of finance. The White House and Congress took steps to turn the economy around, but have done nothing meaningful to regulate the forces that caused it to prevent or marginalize the probability of another economic meltdown.
One of the leading obstacles to regulatory change is the capitalists’ vehement opposition to government interference in private enterprise. The greatest obstacle, however, is praxeological, in the sense that Americans prefer wealth to poverty. And of course, who wouldn’t prefer a life of wealth. The problem is that wealth is not achievable to all, no matter how hard one works toward this goal. So the goal should be a life of financial stability, and not wealth as a means of achieving the phantasmal American Dream.

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“Anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror,” so says President Obama regarding the Boston Marathon bombings.

That’s an interesting perspective considering the acts of terror the United States has carried out over the years. According to Obama’s definition, Iraq’s opening salvo of “shock and awe,” today’s deployment of weaponized drones, and the U.S. use of cluster bombs in war are all acts of terror. War itself is an act of terror.

So, of course, Obama is correct. The bombings were acts of terror. The Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombs and pipe bombs used by the Tsarnaev brothers were homemade versions of cluster bombs. Homemade bombs that are essentially the same improvised explosive devices (IED) used by terrorist in Iraq and Afghanistan that have killed and maimed many thousands of civilians, children, U.S. and coalition soldiers.

Ever since the Vietnam War, the U.S. has used cluster bombs in war.

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