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Most major news outlets, so far, have uncritically reported the Senate’s failure to pass the Manchin-Toomey expanded background check bill. Even among the so-called left-leaning news outlets, there has been little condemnation. There has been almost no uproar from Social media. Why isn’t there indignation, an outcry of condemnation? Why isn’t there anger expressed beyond that expressed by President Obama and a few others?
Part of the reason, of course, is the Boston Marathon bombing rightly upstaged any media criticism of the Senate’s failure to act. The answers to two questions, however, will be interesting: Where did the bombers get their guns? Would any of the failed gun control measures have prevented the two from acquiring a gun?

Legislatively, the most significant in-your-face reason rests in one acronym: NRA. The National Rifle Association and its lobbying group, the Institute for Legislative Action, are a focused, influential, and sufficiently moneyed organization who can successfully turn any congressional gun legislation to their favor.

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As of this writing, the anticipated vote in the Senate on the Manchin-Toomey expanded background check plan’s passage is in doubt. Even if it does succeed, the measure will never pass the Republican majority in the House. Whatever the outcome, the plan does not go far enough anyway. 

The obstacle to any meaningfully effective gun control legislation falls on the shoulders of people like potential presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, who does not support universal background checks. His reasoning, “Criminals don’t care about the laws that we pass with regards to guns. They never follow the law — that’s why they are criminals.”

Of course, that’s true. It’s a no brainer. But, if we require stringent comprehensive, universal background checks on all purchases, especially those that are private, making it harder for someone to buy a gun legally, the less likely they will be able to acquire it illegally. The problem with current gun law, as it will be with any more stringent law, is its enforcement, prosecution, and the penalties we place on its infringement. Without these parameters, no law holds any meaningful purpose.

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No one will wake up one morning and discover that they are now living in a police state. Fear of crime and terrorism, however, are influencing Americans into accepting changes in law that will eventually bring us to that point. You see, in time these things will find a way of creeping up on society and fundamentally alter how Americans think and act about human rights and police authority until one day we realize we are living in a different America.
The evidence of this subtle evolution is clear.

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Conservatives and republicans attempt to sell the notion that when rich people get richer it filters down like raindrops from heaven and benefits society as a whole.

But then why are more and more people living in poverty? The sad truth is what these folks attempt to sell simply doesn’t work.

The fact is that if it were true, there would not be huge income gaps between the haves and have-nots, an inequality that is becoming increasingly “permanent”; 50 million Americans would not be struggling to survive; there would not be 700,000 Americans who “experience homelessness on any given night in the U.S.” And, if that were true, California’s Silicon Valley would not have just a thriving community of high tech workers, but a thriving non-tech community as well.

Read article here: The Inconvenient Truth of High Tech’s Silicon Valley

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“Shock and awe.” That was the battle cry of the Iraq War. It’s a military principle meaning rapid dominance. Predicated on the military success of the Gulf War, the Iraq war was to be quick and easy through the employment of rapid and overwhelming firepower to destroy the Iraqi will to fight.

President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech a month and eleven days later, exemplified that expectation. But quick and easy it was not. The war raged on for approximately another nine years. “Shock and awe” failed Iraq. The idea behind the theory was that it would shorten the war and thereby reduce its devastation and save lives.

Read article here: North Korea: Let’s Not Forget Iraq’s Greatest Lesson



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Now the nation’s highest court has heard the arguments. It’s now time for justices to weigh the pros and cons of same-sex marriage and to rule on its merits. The decision, expected by late June, will be complete with all the legal language and complexity associated with legal opinion.

But it’s not so difficult to understand that people should be able to acquire all the legal rights and protections that benefit married couples. It should not matter whether it’s a sexual relationship between a man and a woman, a relationship between two people of the same-sex, or just simply two friends who desire to spend a non-sexual life together. It should not matter if we label it a marriage or a civil union.

After all, marriage is a legal social contract …

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