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With 90 guns for every 100 Americans, the United States has the distinction of having more civilian owned guns than anywhere on earth. Our guns have killed 119,079 children and teens from 1979 to 2010; more than Americans killed in action in all wars since World War II. And, ominously, gun related deaths will likely surpass motor vehicle traffic deaths by the year 2015.
To address the problem…

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Vice President Joe Biden has reported the recommendations of the federal task force to curb gun violence to President Obama. The recommendations most likely include closing the gun-show loophole, universal background checks that include checks at private sales, reinstating an assault weapons ban, and bans on high capacity ammunition magazines. The task force also explored the impact mental health, and violent games and entertainment may have on gun violence, but gun control proposals will be the focus of Biden’s taskforce recommendations.

The problem is that Biden’s task force seemed focused on mass shootings and simply missed the point that mass shootings are really minor to the increasing overall problem of gun violence in America.

According to the Small Arms Survey of 2007, there were 875 million combined civilian, law enforcement, and military firearms in the world. Of this number, 650 million of the world’s civilians owned a firearm. In the United States, civilians owned 270 million.

That means with a U.S. population in 2007 of 301,139,947 …

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If in your life, you have a family member who feels the need to control obsessively every conversation and your life as well, life is substantially more difficult than it needs to be. I know because I have three in my life who are control freaks.

Given the opportunity, even though unsolicited, they will explain in detail the why and how of anything and everything. They are the infamous backseat drivers who believe they know all and see all.

One is a man who will engage in boisterous, long, agitated, and angry one-way arguments over anything that comes up, whether it is important or not. He will not be interested …

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Ironically, the story of the Nativity, the “historically unreliable” story that is so central to Christianity, is responsible for the now secular Christmas holiday. In that story, a decade after Jesus’ birth, supposedly three wise men brought to Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Capitalists usurped and exploited that story, and an industry was born.
Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The Nativity story “embodies a fundamental revelation of the religion’s deepest meaning. God is with the poor. The purpose of life is not acquisition of wealth, fame, or power, but selfless love.” But Christians see Jesus in a different light. Christians instead fully embrace materialism and the greed that goes hand in hand with it. They evaluate Christmas as …

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