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American Pit Bull TerrierI will never forget the day I met Daisy. It was a picture perfect, blue-skied midsummer morning, a perfect day for a man to unexpectedly meet a beautiful lady on a woodland trail.

I met her while leaning against my mountain bike, taking a water break. Across cranberry bogs and an open field, I spotted someone walking with a dog.  I am always alert to people with dogs. Especially dogs alone. If they are accompanied by a person, I particularly take notice as to whether they are leashed. It’s not because I fear animals. I grew up in a home with my great grandfather who owned horses, barnyard animals, dogs and cats.  Even had a pet coatimundi, goat, and squirrel. So it was not fear. My grandfather taught me that interacting with any animal requires a particular kind of precaution.

They were about a half mile from me when the two first came into view. When they were a third of a mile away …

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From now to the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney will limit campaigning, leaving his running mate, Paul Ryan, to the task.
With the convention about a week away, the general election a short 80 or so days away, and with $23 million campaign cash on hand against Obama’s $98 million, Romney is setting himself up for the financing necessary to compete up to the November 6 national election.

Obama, last year as well this year, as have all this year’s presidential candidates …

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The current presidential campaign riff targets the $716 billion cut to Medicare, a cut which is part of the future healthcare plan derogatorily referred to as Obamacare.
The riff centers on the Romney-Ryan criticism that Obama cut Medicare to help pay for his healthcare plan. Ryan, as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, included the same cuts in his latest budget iteration.

Most likely the riff was introduced to achieve support down the road for repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) that Romney, Ryan, and the republicans have unequivocally pledged to do. Their claim to fame will be that they preserved Medicare. If as a result of the November election Romney and Ryan land in the White House, and if Republicans were to control both chambers of Congress, there will be a fast-track procedure known as reconciliation to repeal the 2010 healthcare law.

Ryan claims …

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Serving seven consecutive terms, Wisconsin’s republican congressman and Mitt Romney’s choice for vice president, Paul Ryan is today best known for his Chairmanship of the House Budget Committee.

Americans by now know that as chairman, Ryan has been a hardheaded proponent of cutting federal spending. That his budget plan includes privatizing Social Security, significant changes to Medicare by replacing it with a voucher system for Americans under 55, providing block grants to states for Medicaid as opposed to the current joint state and federally funded program, and repealing the Affordable Care Act. We all know his position on defense spending, cutting corporate taxes and taxes on high-income Americans.  And we all know of his stubborn stance toward raising the debt ceiling last year.

However, what most Americans do not know is that prior to his chairmanship he was best known as a “big spending conservative.”

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Following July’s mass murder in Aurora, Colorado, another gunman in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, kills six and wounds three in August.

Aurora’s shooter supposedly is mentally ill. Oak Creek’s shooter, Wade Michael Page, who put a gun to his head and killed himself, has been identified as a white supremacist.

What the shooters have in common is their ability to legally acquire a gun.

The news reports and responses from our nation’s leaders …

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A 2007 Small Arms Survey reports that private gun ownership in the United States in 2010 averaged 290,000,000. That’s 96 firearms per 100 residents.

GPS’s Fareed Zakaria concludes from the same survey, that “We have 5 percent of the world’s population and 50 percent of the guns.”  He says the United States has “…four times as many [gun homicides per 100,000 people] as Switzerland, ten times as many as India, 20 times as many as Australia and England.” Zakaria makes the point that the United States has no more madmen that commit mass shootings than the rest of the world, yet other countries have much less gun violence.

Since Colorado’s mass shooting, gun control opponents have opined that lack of early detection of mental illness is the cause of such tragedies. It’s essentially their same old fallacious argument that gun advocates have used for years: guns don’t kill people; people do.

Mental illness, of course …

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