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At Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli represented the government’s case against Arizona’s illegal immigration law. But he presented the wrong argument. Instead of arguing that the federal government had constitutional authority over immigration enforcement, his argument should have been made on the basis of racial and ethnic profiling.

But when Chief Justice John Roberts asked the question as to whether Verrilli’s argument had to “do with racial or ethnic profiling,” unfortunately, Verrilli said it did not.

The argument that Verrilli made seems contrary to President Obama’s position. In April 2010, he said …

Read article here: American Xenophobia, Racial and Ethnic Profiling behind Arizona’s Immigration Law

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On Sunday, the Associated Press reported that a long-term strategic partnership between Washington and Kabul had been reached. The draft agreement known as the Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement between Afghanistan and the United States puts in place a commitment “to helping Afghanistan as a unified, democratic, stable and secure state,” said U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker.

For those who were paying attention, in words and deeds it has been clear that a continued commitment to Afghanistan was in the works and that the war would not end, but would continue under a new military plan.

One indication manifested itself in 2010 when Washington …

Read article here: America’s Afghan Military Mission Will Continue Well After 2014

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On Friday’s Democracy Now, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez presented a four-part eye-opening discussion with William Binney, Laura Poitras, and Jacob Appelbaum. Their focus was “on the growing domestic surveillance state and the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to spy on dissident journalists and activists.”

William Binney, a retired crypto-mathematician and former director of the World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group for the National Security Agency (NSA), talks of NSA’s incredible authority to spy on Americans. He discusses in part one the building in Utah of the largest spy center in the country, which will contain databases of communication collected by the agency, including private emails, cell phone calls, Google searches and other personal data. So vast, he says, that it could “create an Orwellian state.”

Read article here: NSA’s Incredible Authority to Spy on Americans

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Secret Service agent David Chaney resigned on Wednesday for his involvement in the agency’s prostitution scandal in Columbia. To make matters worse, he foolishly posted on his Facebook page a picture of himself standing behind Sarah Palin and writing “I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?”,  according to the Washington Post.

In typical Palin fashion, in a Thursday Fox News interview with Greta Van Susteren, she retorted, “Well, check this out, buddy — you’re fired!  I hope his wife … sends him to the doghouse — as long as he’s not eating the dog, along with his former boss.”

Here she is inappropriately tying the egregious actions of a few Secret Service agents messing around with prostitutes with the recent revelation that Obama ate dog meat.

Palin continued her attack on President Obama …

Read article here: Sarah Palin: I’ve had Enough of These Men Being Dogs

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Like all political campaigns, folks will go out of their way to find insignificant things in order to diminish, and destroy if they can, a candidate’s character. It creates an aversion to the candidate and diverts voters from important issues and ideas.

Sometimes a candidate will disingenuously drop a gaffe, use a metaphor or euphemism that is knowingly misleading, not true or may contain a bit of truth, only to recant their words later. But, if things go as they plan, their statement will become media driven and the seed of illusion of the candidate is planted.

Cases in point are the stories of “never worked a day in her life” Ann Romney, Romney’s mistreatment of Seamus the dog, and the more recent revelation that Obama ate dog meat.

The Ann Romney comment, in the sense that …

Read article here: Uh-Oh! Obama Ate Dog Meat

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On Monday was the first congressional hearing into GSA’s Las Vegas extravaganza. Martha Johnson, head of GSA. testified, while Jeff Neely, the organizer, takes the fifth. Dan Tangherlini acting GSA Administrator has an encouraging message.

On Monday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held its first hearing into the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Las Vegas spending extravaganza. Martha Johnson, head of GSA, testified, while Jeff Neely, the organizer of the Western Regions Conference, “took the fifth.”

At the hearing, Martha Johnson, who assumed the agency’s leadership in February 2010, apologized to the American People for the inappropriate expenditure of tax payer’s money.

But on the flip side, Jeff Neely only had one response: “Mr. Chairman, on the advice of my counsel, I respectfully decline to answer based upon my Fifth Amendment constitutional privileges.”

Others who testified at the hearing were GSA Inspector General Brian Miller, Chief of Staff Michael Robertson, and David Foley, deputy commissioner of the Public Buildings Service.

According to USA Today, in July 2011, Deputy Commissioner Susan Brita …

Read article here: The GSA Scandal, GSA’s Dan Tangherlini Has a Message for the Nation

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Mitt Romney speaking at the NRA convention is now a newly found supporter of the NRA. Republicans, intimidated by the NRA because they have considerable control over their purse-strings, keep gun controls in check, and is big problem for progressives.

We have a huge problem in the United States; one that will become worse if Mitt Romney is elected President and republicans win a majority in Congress. That problem can be summed up very succinctly: Republicans want to take America back in time to 1787, regressing, instead of progressing, to a world that was much different then, than now.

There are so many other problems that can be derived from that ideology and need to be addressed, but one of America’s most menacing problems is the “right to bear arms.” It’s a misplaced view that …

Read article here: Mitt Romney, the NRA, and Regressionism


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